Greater Manchester cable seal manufacturer Roxtec has secured a deal to supply watertight seals to help protect cable ducts and pipes on Akva fish farm pontoons operating worldwide.

The safety seal specialist has supplied Akva Group Scotland Ltd which delivers cage farming and land based aquaculture solutions. Akva’s aquaculture technology is currently being used to farm salmon, turbot, tuna, rainbow trout and great amberjack in locations including Norway, China, Australia, Chile and Saudi Arabia.

Roxtec’s seals ensure cable ducts, plastic pipes and air conveyor pipes within the fish farm pontoon structures are watertight.

Roxtec UK managing director Graham O’Hare said Akva had found traditional sealants to be unsuccessful over time due to the strain created by the cables.

“Akva had been searching for a solution to seal the cables on the pontoon because they wanted to minimise the cost of repeatedly sending engineers offshore,” he said. “They needed the cables to be sealed by transits which would not corrode in salt water, would protect against water ingress and which could withstand the harsh offshore environment.

“Roxtec has a proven track record of supplying seals to the marine and offshore industry. To achieve Akva’s aims, we supplied watertight seals with an IP67 rating to protect both singular and multiple cables. To ensure protection against salt water corrosion, stainless steel seals were used.”

The firm’s expert in-house engineers also design customised sealing solutions for a variety of industries including oil and gas, construction, power generation transmission and distribution, marine and telecoms.

Graham O’Hare said, “Akva needed to protect their equipment to avoid further operational down time. Whilst Roxtec seals are often used for protection from multiple hazards, the great benefit to the customer in this case was operational reliability.”

For more details contact Roxtec UK at Waterfold Business Park, Bury Tel: 0161 761 5280 Email or go online at:

Roxtec Background

Roxtec was founded in Sweden in 1990. Today it is the global leader in the manufacture of innovative cable and pipe transit systems, supplying many of the world’s biggest firms. It is active in 70 markets.

Roxtec’s products are designed to seal cables and pipes and are used to protect people, buildings and equipment from multiple hazards. Its key market sectors include Marine, Oil and Gas, Telecoms, Construction, Power (generation, distribution and transmission) OEM – (e.g. trains, engines, motors, generators) and the Process Industries.

Roxtec has a Triple-A credit rating and is actively expanding into new areas offering innovative and safe sealing solutions to a variety of industries.