Greater Manchester safety seal manufacturer Roxtec designed and manufactured heavy-duty cable seal solutions for Network Rail’s London Bridge railway station substation.

The bespoke frames which, at 218kg each, are the heaviest products Roxtec has ever produced for the UK, are specifically designed for the project. Together with the Roxtec sealing modules and compression units they protect against the threat of water ingress, condensation, fire and rodents.

Roxtec UK managing director Graham O’Hare said the rail substation project, part of the multi-billion pound Thameslink Programme, required all of Roxtec’s engineering experience and expertise.

“Network Rail commissioned us to seal cables entering the substation from ground level inside a trackside riser above a switch room,” he said. “We had to ensure that the cables feeding from the switchgear substation to the tracks were properly sealed and protected against multiple hazards.

“To achieve this we designed and manufactured customised frames to seal the high voltage cables. The frames, which had to both protect the 53mm diameter cables and provide ultra-rigidity for the tight radius bend, were then cast into poured concrete because of their weight. As a risk of condensation was also identified, each frame was sealed at both ends.

“The frames measured 1.5m in depth and were designed with puddle flanges and a special arch shaped flange to match the curvature of the existing substation roof.”

Roxtec’s cable seal solutions provide water ingress protection which exceeds the highest IP rating, a one-hour fire rating and vibration and pull-out resistance. Crucially for the rail industry, they also have a long-life expectancy of up to 30 years.

“Network Rail needed multiple cables to be sealed, of differing diameters, and because of the sheer weight of the cables a mastic or foam alternative simply would not have worked,” he said. “This job required a mechanically engineered solution and Roxtec’s strong track record in designing and building bespoke cable seal solutions was a key factor in us winning the contract.

“Our engineers were heavily involved during the design phase of the project and provided full technical support throughout. We also provided installation training ahead of the work and then sent a Roxtec representative to oversee the weekend installation.

“As ever with Roxtec solutions, we ensured that space was created to enable future cable upgrades can be made with the minimum of disruption.”

Mr O’Hare said Roxtec was able to win the Network Rail contract after showcasing its high-level of expertise during a rail industry Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar.

Roxtec provides a free technical CPD seminar for the rail industry. This covers protecting assets and ensuring reliable operation with certified cable sealing systems. To find out more visit www.roxtec/com/uk/cpd, or call 0161 761 5280.

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