W. L. Gore & Associates now offers new design options in the company’s sample inventory of GORE® High Speed Data Cables to continue to meet aerospace industry needs and new protocols. The expanded sample inventory includes eight new part numbers ranging from OM4 fiber optics 1.8 mm Simplex, CAN Bus shielded pair, Ethernet specialty quadrax, and shielded twisted pair.

Samples with Short Lead Times

Gore recently streamlined the company’s business offerings with more efficient ordering and manufacturing processes to deliver reliable solutions quickly to OEMs and users.

Complimentary samples of Gore’s pre-qualified solutions can be shipped within two business days (48 hours) from the date of the request from WireMasters in the US and Air Cost Control in Europe. Aircraft OEMs can validate and support low-rate production using Gore’s standard high data rate cables in their specific applications with lower technical and business risks to their programs. 

Customers can fill out a short online form to receive their complimentary samples.

Impressive Portfolio of Solutions

Gore offers an extensive portfolio of copper and fiber optic solutions that support the latest open-source architectures and high-speed data protocols, such as IEEE 1394 FireWire, Ethernet, Fiber Channel, HDMI, USB and more.

GORE® High Speed Data Cables are available in various durable, compact, and routable designs with proven installed and lifetime performance in civil and defense aircraft.

For more information about GORE® High Speed Data Cables for civil and defense aircraft, visit www.gore.com/highdatarateaircraftcables or contact a Gore representative.

Performance Solutions

Gore develops products and technologies that address complex product and process challenges in a variety of markets and industries, including aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, mobile electronics and more. Through close collaboration with industry leaders across the globe, Gore enables customers to design their products and processes to be safer, cleaner, more productive, reliable, durable and efficient across a wide range of demanding environments.

Source: https://www.gore.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Gore

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