Geoquip Marine will continue to work with Equinor and Polenergia to provide data to facilitate the MFW Bałtyk I offshore wind farm construction in the Polish Baltic Sea.

Bałtyk I, with a capacity of up to 1,56 GW, is one of the three flagship offshore wind projects developed jointly by Equinor and Polenergia. Together with 1,44 GW from Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III, they significantly support Poland’s energy transition. Geoquip Marine was instrumental in developing these initial wind farms, providing comprehensive geotechnical data as input for the design and installation.

Geoquip Marine’s core objective in this new contract is to conduct a comprehensive Reconnaissance Geotechnical Investigation to acquire essential geological data for the Bałtyk I offshore wind farm project. This data will play a pivotal role in comprehending the geological stratigraphy and lateral variations within the Baltic Sea, enabling the refinement of preliminary foundation and cable concepts.

The Geoquip Marine team anticipates the need to navigate challenging soil conditions. It will rely on the experience of the previous works on Baltyk II & II, the experienced crew and Dina Polaris to confidently circumvent any difficulties.

Geoquip Marine’s commitment to excellence, technical prowess, and established track record in delivering high-quality geotechnical data and analysis make it the proven partner in the Baltic Sea for Equinor and Polenergia.

Image source: Courtesy of Geoquip Marine

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