General Cable, the leading company in the international cable sector, has been chosen to participate in the most important extra-high voltage underground cable laying project of the year in Spain. It is a question of the strategic LAT SE Murcia-ST El Palmar project, which will represent the installation of a 220 kV underground power line, with a total length of 8.5 km.

It will be a double-circuit line, for which General Cable will supply some 53 km of cables and also 11 splicing chambers, for the purpose of making a total of some 66 splices. The line assembly work is expected to begin next March, while the commissioning has been scheduled for before the end of this year.


One of General Cable’s main values is its capacity for innovation and, in this case, it was a decisive factor in its choice as the cable supplier for the LAT SE Murcia-ST El Palmar project. It innovated on combining 220 kV cable with different copper conductor cross-sections (2000-2500) and also on making the cable screen out of aluminium tube. This was necessary to adapt to the project’s technical requirements and once again demonstrated General Cable’s capacity to respond to the specific demands of each customer and each installation.