Before we start with blog, let us clarify what FTTH stands for. It stands for Fiber to the Home. Many people, reading this blog, might be aware of the optical cable technology. This cable technology has transformed the communication industry. However, FTTH is ensuring that communication via optical cables can be enhanced.

FTTH has received widespread global deployment in the recent times. So much has been its utility and popularity that many broadband companies have had to change their approach. Home broadband services have, in fact, been going through a massive transformation because of this.

So how do FTTH solutions hold the capability to the transform the world? This is because of the various applications that they offer. Let us take the example of high speed broadband access. Internet is an important source of communication. With the help of highly advanced FTTH solutions, companies have managed to offer high speed broadband access to residences. Moreover, the same has been possible with multi-dwelling units too. This refers to those residential areas where multiple families live together. An example of the same can be apartments and condominiums.

The benefit of using FTTH is the fact that if offers extreme flexibility to the company as well as the users of technology. To an extent, there is some level of modularity which can allow for the development of satisfying solutions for individual users.

At Polycab, we have a long experience in the field of cabling and wiring. In the years of our existence in the industry, we have spent extensive time in research and development. That has been a strategy that we always adopted at Polycab. It is this focus on learning, research, and development that has helped us work with all new technologies. FTTH is one of those technologies that we have mastered. We could see it coming, and we made sure that we had the desired knowledge to be able to develop uncompromising and unparalleled solutions in the area.

Additionally, we also credit this feat to our great team. These are technocrats who know the industry from its various hues. They are always willing to take up newer challenges to develop path breaking solutions.