In September 2015 the Düsseldorf head office of Vodafone GmbH and the Hattersheim headquarters of Dätwyler Cables GmbH signed a Framework Contract for the supply of fibre optic cables and accessories.

The contract covers various cable types of  differing dimensions and fibre capacities, including the Datwyler minicables recently approved by Vodafone. The approved fibre optic cables can be used in Vodafone’s core and access network, in data centres, and in their LTE and broadband rollout.

The Framework Contract is for an indefinite period. Vodafone makes the conditions available to all their contractors involved in upgrades.

“We use continual initial sample testing, quality audits at suppliers’ production sites and framework contracts to ensure that the stringent quality and availability requirements of the Vodafone network are met,” explained  Heiko Eichstädt, the Vodafone GmbH project engineer responsible for the approvals.

“We are gratified by Vodafone’s confidence, and in future shall continue to collaborate with Vodafone on upgrades and new developments in the fibre optic sector so as to meet the challenges of increasing broadband requirements,” said Hartmut Leske, Datwyler’s project manager.

Extensive tests and a site audit of the Datwyler production facility were carried out prior to contract signature back in 2014.