Datwyler’s new “FO Universal DLTS” cable family comprises solid fibre optic cables for indoor and outdoor use that provide metal-free rodent protection, a flame-retardant, halogen-free construction with FR/LSZH sheath and a high crush resistance for reliable transmission. Swelling yarns ensure their longitudinal water-tightness.

“DLTS” stands for “Dry Loose Tube Swelling”. The new cables are available in two variants: with gel-free stranded loose tubes (wbGGFR) and with an additional gel-free central loose tube (ZGGFR) – as the name suggests. They allow for an easy handling due to their gel-free strand interstices.

The new cables fulfil the fire performance requirements of the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) – not only Class Dca and Cca but even B2ca which is the “top class” for cables.

Please find the data sheets here >

Source: https://www.cabling.datwyler.com/
Image source: Datwyler

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