Flexicon are delighted to be nominated for the Best Supplier Website award as voted for by Electrical Wholesalers. Voting is now open and you have until the end of 31st March.  Winners will be announced on the night of Thursday 12th May at the Park Plaza Riverbank, London.

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Below is an overview of some of the benefits our website offers:

Customers can sometimes have too much choice which can sometimes lead to incorrect product selection. Take our 52 different Cable Protection ranges for instance. They all provide different properties suitable for protecting against various hazards and applications but how can a Customer quickly establish which product is most suitable for their needs?

As a UK Manufacturer, successfully selling internationally, it has been critical for our website to perform and translate for easy navigation where English is not the first language. In addition to offering 5 different language translations we have utilised pictures & product images as Customers undoubtedly recognise product visuals if not the text associated with it.

We structure our product pages so Customers can build up a system quickly and easily. On selection of a particular conduit & size, only the range of compatible fittings appropriate to the selected conduit is presented. This reduces the risk of incorrectly selecting product codes leading to wasted time and frustration throughout the supply chain.

Customers can download 3D CAD models and enhanced Technical Information, and we have recently introduced a simple to use Product Selector Application which poses a series of questions to identify the most suitable conduit based on the Customers responses.

We have also created an electronic facility for Customers to identify & view the chemical resistance properties of either metallic conduits or non-metallic conduits. We offer this information in a large double page table in our Catalogue. This can be difficult to follow, especially if you are looking for the resistance against more than one chemical. Our website enables the Customer to pre-select up to 5 chemicals and the level of resistance will be presented against just these chemicals. There is also a quick link to the products so the Customer can jump straight to the Conduit of interest.


From our home page, Customers can quickly view and download our latest Product Catalogue. There is also a registration facility to access additional content such as other brochures.

Our website is mobile responsive and adjusts the page layout automatically depending on whether you are viewing on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. There are links to all of our Social Media channels, including Twitter and Google+.

We hope you agree and submit your votes for us.