One of Habia Cable´s manufacturing sites is situated in Norderstedt, Germany. It is well-known for its flexibility in production, high competence level and fast deliveries all over Europe.

Wide Standard Product Range
In the plant in Norderstedt, Habia Cable manufactures fluoropolymer equipment wire, multicore cables and coaxials. Also here are stock facilities for the HabiaXpress range. From Norderstedt, wires and cables are shipped all over Europe and also to Asia. The largest market is Germany where more than 50 per cent of all products are delivered. Main markets are also the UK, Benelux and Nordic countries. The customers are found in many different industries; from industrial and construction companies to offshore and the telecom industry.

“Our standard cable stock range consists of more than 300 items.  In the stock list, our customers can see specifications of our products, quantities and delivery times. Most of them are available for immediate delivery within 24 hours” says Stefan Willmann, Plant Manager in Norderstedt.

Custom designed cable solutions
With demanding requirements from the customers, the production of customised cables is always undertaken in close cooperation with the sales organisation and the technical designers. The main product in the plant is the PTFE signal cable which can be produced in numerous variations of dimensions, lengths, materials, voltages and more, depending on the application.

“We have a flexible production capacity here which quickly can adjust to our customers´ different requirements.  Our aim is always to produce the best high quality specialist cables and deliver the required quantities as fast as possible”, says Stefan Willmann.