Rated for Class 1 Clean Room Environments, Cicoil’s flexible Servo Motor, Feedback and Resolver cables are free of halogens, do not shed surface particulates and excel when utilized in continuous motion applications.  This combination of features make Cicoil’s Flat Servo Cables the ideal choice for use in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Surface Mount Automation and Clean Room Robotic Systems.

Through the use of a patented extrusion process, each Flat Servo Cable can incorporate any of the following: shielded feedback pairs, power conductors, Cat 5e/Cat 6A, USB, tubing for liquid or air transfer, coax and Cicoil’s patented StripMount™ fastening strip, all combined in a single, condensed cable design, precisely controlling the inner component spacing, jacket thickness and the overall cable shape.  Custom and Standard Cables are available in continuous lengths, cut to order, or as assemblies, complete with connectors of your choice, 100% tested and inspected for peak electrical performance, quality and reliability.

Unlike other types of cables, such as Teflon®, PVC or Polyurethane, Cicoil’s Flat Servo Cables are unaffected by repeated exposure to severe vibration, de-ionized water, continuous flexing, tight bending, steam, temperature extremes (-65°C to +260°C), shock, UV light, mechanical stress, alcohol, humidity and many chemicals.

Even under extensive tight bending and high speed flexing, Cicoil’s exclusive crystal-clear encapsulation will not wear, tear or deform during a lifetime of more than 15 million cycles.  The unique Flexx-Sil™ jacket is also “self-healing” from small punctures.  For applications that require resistance to abrasion and adhesion, Cicoil offers low friction coating options by request.

Cicoil’s Flat Servo Cables are UL Recognized, CE Conforming, RoHS & REACH Compliant, Class 1 Clean Room Rated and are cured continuously, with no debris or material contamination in an automated, climate controlled environment, and exceed the ASTM E-593 outgassing specifications for vacuum environments.