Abtech stainless steel (SX) and GRP (BPG) terminal enclosures provide exceptional levels of fire resistance, thus ensuring that safety critical systems such as emergency lighting or fire safety controls maintain their electrical integrity during extreme events. This protection against extreme heat is applicable to Abtech industrial enclosures and those certified for use in hazardous areas.

To verify that our enclosures provide the maximum level fire survivability we have carried out a number of independent tests. These were done in accordance with the defined IEC and British standards that are applicable to fire resistant cables.

Both the SX stainless steel and BPG glass reinforced polyester (GRP) ranges successfully met the requirements for IEC331: 750 degrees C for three hours and BS6387 part ‘C’: 950 degrees C for three hours. In both instances the junction box and its components were deemed to be functional at the end of the time period.

In addition, the SX stainless range was also successfully tested to BS6387 part ‘Z’ (external impact) and part ‘W’ (water spray). In all instances the enclosures were fitted with suitably rated ceramic terminals.

This high level of fire resistance has led to Abtech enclosures being selected on a number of key projects including the UK Channel and Tyne tunnels as well as major refinery projects such as Tengiz (TCO) in Kazakhstan.

For further details on the fire resistance testing, please download this document.