SUBCO has announced the final splice of the Oman Australia Cable (OAC) has occurred, marking a major milestone towards completing the construction of this important digital infrastructure project.

“I am both excited and somewhat relieved to have achieved final splice on OAC and to see for the first time light travels along the entire continuous optical path all the way between Oman and Australia. Such a great achievement and major milestone toward a more resilient internet,” said Slattery.

OAC is Australia’s first express undersea cable to EMEA and represents a critical and overdue pathway of diverse connectivity from Australia to Oman, Europe and beyond.

SUBCO’s Founder Bevan Slattery said “Today too much of our internet traffic is concentrated travelling through routes that represent massive single points of failure, in shallow waters in the world’s most heavily fished and busiest shipping channels of the Malacca Strait and the Andaman and South China Seas. The Oman Australia Cable provides a completely diverse, deep-ocean express route between our two continents.”

Mr Slattery said “More data is flowing across the world than ever before. It’s overdue that Australia had a fast, secure connection to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This is an important piece of the puzzle to improve Australian and international digital resiliency and we are excited to be just months away from delivering our first services to customers.”

OAC’s final testing and commissioning are now underway with the system expected to be ready for service in September 2022.

Image source: Courtesy of SubCom

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