SINGAPORE – FCI,  a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, today announced an expansion of their power connector family which now includes the PwrMAX®Ortho power connectors.

PwrMAX® Ortho power connectors are designed to support a new datacenter equipment trend known as Orthogonal system packaging architectures. This architecture can offer improved data transfer and improved system cooling by eliminating mid-plane circuit boards. PwrMAX®Ortho power connectors can be used with either busbars or circuit boards to distribute power in systems with orthogonal architectures.

The connectors also feature FCI’s revolutionary new GCS™ plating, and supports current loads of up to 100 amps per contact. The connector is extremely energy efficient, with a maximum contact resistance of just 0.3mOhms, and is rated to operate at up to 125°C.

With the unique and robust contact design, the blind-mate-able PwrMAX® Ortho power connectors provide a highly reliable low resistance interconnect path for orthogonal architectures.

Samples of PwrMAX® Ortho power connectors are now available. For more information, please click here or contact us at