TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, today announced its Dual Row SMT USB Type-C connectors, further extending its USB Type-C connector product line to include smaller mid-mount receptacles with a splash-proof option for added ruggedness.

USB Type-C connectors deliver audio/visual (A/V), data up to 10 Gbps and power up to 100W all through one connection. The small form factor features a reversible assembly that is adaptable to current USB types and a reversible interface for easy, reliable mating. TE’s USB Type-C designs deliver industry-leading EMI protection and enhanced printed circuit board (PCB) retention features. The new, splash-proof options make the Dual Row SMT USB Type-C connectors suitable for harsher environments in consumer and industrial devices. TE’s new receptacles also offer a space-saving 25% smaller footprint.

“With its ability to deliver data, power, and A/V in a single, compact connector, USB Type-C is gaining broad acceptance among electronics designers,” said Bowen Yu, Product Manager, TE Data and Devices. “By extending our USB Type-C product line with a Dual Row SMT configuration, we offer designers more flexibility to create compelling devices for their customers.”