Barcelona, March 2016.- General Cable, the leading company in the international cable sector, has announced that it already has a solution for the new demands of standard NEK TS 606:2016, which has just come into force. The 2016 revision incorporates greater demands in relation to materials and resistance to oils, in addition to incorporating flexible conductors as an option. It moreover describes what the resistance of the cables should be under extreme fire conditions with the presence of hydrocarbons (HCF, curve EN 1363-2). The firm has expanded its Genfire HCF range, incorporating low voltage, instrumentation and medium voltage cables, thus offering a solution for all kinds of installation.

General Cable has likewise published an innovative White Paper on “medium voltage hydrocarbon fire resistant cable for oil & gas application”. In particular, the company developed the cable and collaborated closely with renowned oil & gas laboratories.

Genfire HCF, improving safety

General Cable’s Genfire HCF range was launched on the market last September and has now been expanded. Its cables help to improve safety and passive fire protection in the oil industry (crude oil extraction platforms, refineries), being truly innovative. It also allows costs to be saved in the engineering and construction processes.

In the event of a fire in a petrochemical facility, the electrical systems which supply the critical areas (water pumps, control rooms, processing equipment, ventilation, sprinklers, alarms) must remain in operation, as they are vital for the safety of the complex. Genfire HCF cables, with DNV-GL certification, are manufactured with the most resistant materials, exceeding the strictest international standards on fire-resistant cables. They are therefore ideal to improve the safety of oil companies, as they remain in operation even under extreme fire conditions defined in the new revision of NEK TS 606:2016.