Do you analyse the energy flow and energy peaks in your company? Opportunities for optimization can be found even in intelligently managed and successful companies. Small and mid-sized manufacturing companies may make use of the so called peak consumption compensation according to §55 of the (German) energy law and §10 of the (German) electricity tax law to reduce the tax charge of the company for energy and electricity.

The first steps for electricity efficiency optimization is to analyze the current situation required by the (German) regulation about peak consumption compensation of efficiency systems:

  • Analyse and collect energy flows and energy sources
  • Identify technically measured and evaluated monetary units
  • Documentation of the energy consumption in equipments and devices

In this way it is possible to identify, achieve and represent savings potentials. To facilitate the access to energy analysis METZ CONNECT provides the Modbus-RTU Smart Meter as individual module for the use in building automation. The MR-SM3 collects current, voltage and power in three one-phase current circuits.

Connected to a Modbus RTU the MR-SM3 can be read out via a controller and supplies the values of parameters on each phase such as: 3 x effective voltage values, 3 x effective current values, 3 x peak voltage values, 3 x peak current values, frequency, active power / total active power, apparent power and reactive power / total reactive power. These parameters can be further processed in applications such as limit value and phase monitoring, in meter applications, in motor and frequency monitoring, in load shedding and data logging.

With its very compact housing design – width 55 mm and front height 45 mm – the MR-SM3 is suitable for rail mounting in sub-distribution boards. The MR-SM3 can be quickly integrated in existing systems via Modbus RTU and be connected by jumper.