Elsewedy Electric Company recently invited KINECTRICS Management to visit Egypt. The Company Provided the opportunity to know several of manufacturing facilities of Elsewedy Electric , and to discuss its Quality System and the potential support of KINECTRICS in this area then Elsewedy & KINETRICS Management signed a contract between the two companies. This contract involved the testing of various Elsewedy components at KINECTRICS.


Kinectrics’ origins can be traced to 1912 as the technical and research division of Ontario Hydro, a major Canadian electrical utility founded on hydroelectric power, which eventually grew at one point into the largest electrical utility in North America—covering generation from nuclear, fossil, hydroelectric, and renewable sources, as well as transmission and distribution.

From its one-workshop beginnings as Ontario Hydro Research Division (OHRD), Kinectrics has focused on the development and application of advanced technologies for the power industry.

In the 1990s, provincial policy resulted in the demerger and re-organization of Ontario Hydro into a number of companies. OHRD was also re-organized, first as Ontario Hydro Technologies (OHT), and eventually Ontario Power Technologies (OPT), under the demerged generation company, Ontario Power Generation (OPG).

Kinectrics is a new, entrepreneurial company—but one with a record of over 100 years of technical excellence and innovation, a tradition that continues to this day. The company continues to grow, with staff who thrive on challenges that others find daunting, and succeeds where investment in the future—in facilities, capability, and people—provides a touchstone for its vision.

Kinectrics is a former utility laboratory that has achieved commercial success as an independent testing, inspection, certification and consulting company.

  • Over 400 staff in North America
  • 30% of staff hold doctorate level degrees
  • 60% of staff have technical, science or engineering degree, many at master’s level
  • Over 25 independent test facilities and labs, complemented by field inspection services
  • 300,000 square feet of central facilities