Elmeridge Cables Limited now supplying fully termite-proof cables

For years now, the cable industry has been lead to believe that cables without a special nylon bedding under the jacket can be penetrated by termites.

Well Elmeridge Cables Limited are about to destroy this myth for ever. 

Elmeridge Cables has been doing their own studies and tests in a laboratory with the help of TMA Corporation in Australia. TMA have a laboratory with its own termite mound with the most aggressive termites in the Southern Hemisphere. These termites are known as Subterranean ( Coptotermes ) or commonly called white ants. Termites are among the world’s longest surviving creatures and can adapt to changing environments. There are more than 2500 species in the world today. Termites can squeeze through gaps as small as 1mm.

It was suggested that Elmeridge put three different cable types in the mound to see what would happen when exposed to termites. Elmeridge chose three cables with the following jackets: polyethylene, Hytrel and polyurethane. Before the cables went into the lab our cables had to have eucalyptus wood bound to them, as termites just love eucalyptus; this was used to attract the termites to our cables.

After 54 days in the termite mound under laboratory conditions, it was deemed to be an outstanding success for Elmeridge. The cables had been reached by the termites but not one of them had been touched, damaged or penetrated in any way whatsoever. This now means Elmeridge Cables Limited can proudly say we can produce termite proof cables, without using a nylon bedding or any insecticide in the cables’ construction.

Elmeridge is also working with TMA regarding protecting cable joints with Termi Mesh. This goes over the joint and normally the cable is stripped back to the nylon so it can be terminated. But now with these outstanding results Elmeridge Cables Limited can produce termite proof cables with one of the three compounds and the mesh can be pressed down using a jubilee clip, straight to the jacket, which saves time and money. The cable joint is deemed to be the weakest point of the cable, but once you have Termi Mesh over the joint your cables and joints are once again safe from the attack of termites. If anybody would like further details on Termi Mesh or our cables please do not hesitate to contact us.

For further information please call Darren Holmes at our UK office on 0044 (0)1273 391810.