Ellis has further strengthened its already world leading product range by launching an all-plastic trefoil cable cleat for smaller electrical cables.

Trident is a trefoil polymeric cleat that is available in six sizes, ranging from Ø24-54mm. It not only fills a gap in the North Yorkshire company’s product portfolio, but also signals its intent to significantly expand sales in Continental Europe, where similar products are in particularly high demand.

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “We pride ourselves on having the strongest and deepest product portfolio of any cable cleat manufacturer, which means we’re always looking at ways of adding to what we already offer.”

“All-plastic trefoil cleats for this size of cable have been popular in Germany and Holland for a long time, but with demand beginning to grow in a number of other markets, both at home and abroad, we decided the time was right to strengthen our hand.”

“It’s a product development that places us on a better than even footing with the major European plastic cleat manufacturers, and one that certainly opens the door to us making significant sales gains in an area of the market that we’ve not previously competed in.”

Trident has an FEA optimised design that is both elegant and cost effective and is manufactured as standard in V0 0H 30 per cent glass filled nylon. It is also available in a London Underground Limited (LUL) approved polymer that meets London Underground standard 1-085. Both versions of the product have been short-circuit tested to IEC61914.

Trident cleats for Ø34-41mm are available now, with other sizes becoming available as tooling is finalised throughout the remainder of the year.

For more information on Trident visit www.ellispatents.co.uk, call +44(0)1944 758395 or follow the company on Twitter @EllisPatents.