As from January 1st 2016, REDOMA Recycling AB is a part of the ELDAN Group, forming the world’s largest manufacturer of cable recycling equipment with 90 years of joint experience.

Eldan Recycling has during the last 60 years been active in the field of manufacturing cable recycling equipment. Eldan has sold and installed several thousands of cable recycling lines around the world. The company’s focus has always been to design and produce robust and long-lasting recycling equipment for the scrap recycling industry. Eldan’s production with a complete park of machine tools for in-house manufacturing is located in Denmark. All machines are built with high quality steel, completely welded. No cast iron parts are used in shredders and granulators and the rotors are machined from solid steel. All electrical controls and PLC programming is designed by Eldan in-house.

“Today Eldan is a market leading supplier of cable and WEEE recycling lines for high capacity installations. With capacities ranging from 2000 kg/h up to 12.000 kg/h, we are one of the most powerful suppliers in the market,” says Dr. Toni Reftman, Managing Director of Eldan Recycling A/S.

Eldan equipment is designed to process heavy and tough materials at higher capacity. The equipment can be used for lighter applications as well and in order to make the process more cost efficient and lower the initial investment costs, Eldan Recycling A/S has from 1 January 2016 incorporated Redoma Recycling AB. Redoma is a Swedish based company, specialized in designing and manufacturing small and mid-size cable recycling lines. Since 1984, Redoma has delivered and installed several hundred cable recycling lines worldwide and is a market leader in small and mid-size cable recycling lines.

“Redoma has like Eldan its own design. The machines are lighter and smaller compared to Eldan equipment, making our companies a perfect match”, states Dr. Toni Reftman, “From 1 January 2016 Redoma is incorporated as a fully owned subsidiary to Eldan Recycling A/S. Redoma will still be acting as an independent equipment supplier. As a member of the Eldan Group, Redoma will be using technology from Eldan and also from its Swedish sister company Rapid Granulator AB.”

Traditionally Redoma offers three types of cable recycling lines offering cost-efficient tailor made system solutions for capacities from 200 kg/h up to 2000 kg/h: Thunderhawk, Powercat and Firefox. For tough or reinforced applications, Eldan’s shredding technology can be incorporated in the Redoma systems.

Redoma is headed by Dr. Toni Reftman, who states: ”By adding Redoma recycling equipment to the Eldan portfolio, we create the largest and most competent cable recycling equipment manufacturer in the world with a joint experience of 90 years. For our customers, this means that we are now able to offer cable recycling equipment in any price segment and for any type of cable. We have small compact lines for less than 30.000 Euro as well as heavy duty equipment handling heavy reinforced cables in high capacity applications.”

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