Eitech, in collaboration with Omexom, has won the assignment to deliver and install the entire power distribution in an extensive infrastructure project in Finland. The large and complex project will begin in 2023 and last almost two years, with completion scheduled by spring of 2025.

The client is Aurora Infrastructure Oy is an electricity distribution company for industrial customers whose sensitive processes require a reliable power supply. Aurora helps its customers make smart grid solutions that support the transition to fossil-free production and guarantee top-class availability.

Aurora is responsible for the power distribution to the end customer. The contract for Eitech Special Projects AB, in collaboration with the sister brand Omexom in Finland, concerns the delivery of the entire power network, including the transformer station and all seven distribution stations.

Twinning project within VINCI Energies – expertise and resources across different countries

Eitech and Omexom, both VINCI Energies brands, now together bring unique and custom-made expertise with good experience to ensure the power distribution for this complex project.

“The assignment is good proof of the strength and advantages of being part of the VINCI Energies network. Where we, in an agile and cost-effective way, can gather resources and specialist competencies both within and across different countries, which guarantees a good collaboration and a successful project,” says Tomas Lindsbro, business unit manager Eitech Special Projects.

Aurora is an important customer that we have supported over the years in several projects in Finland. The fact that we are now part of the VINCI Energies group has resulted in new business opportunities, where this new project is a good example of how we benefit from Eitech’s great experience in project management of large and complex construction work in Sweden.

Source: https://www.omexom.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Omexom

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