A new flame-retardant, non-halogenated sheathing solution, ECCOH™ 5702, makes cable installation significantly easier for optical fiber cable manufacturers and end customers. This material imparts a low coefficient of friction (CoF) to the cable surface, easing installation in existing conduit, whether the geometry is simple or complex over short or long distances.

“Consumer and business expectations for high-speed connectivity will continue to drive demand for optical fiber cable to carry voice and data transmissions,” said Holger Kronimus, VP and general manager Europe, Specialty Engineered Materials, at PolyOne. “However, the cable must often be pushed through existing conduit in commercial and residential applications. With our new ECCOH 5702, workers can more easily guide it through conduit, even those with very complex designs and shapes, which reduces installation costs.”

Tests conducted by PolyOne on cable extruded from ECCOH 5702 specialty polymers reveal a CoF up to 75% lower than standard LSFOH (Low Smoke and Fume, Non-Halogen) formulations. In addition to the low CoF, these new formulations have a low melt viscosity, making them easy to process. Cable made with these materials exhibits excellent mechanical strength, low shrinkage and a smooth surface finish. For outdoor applications, ECCOHTM 5702 solutions can be UV stabilized, including formulations that pass the SEPAP accelerated aging test.

PolyOne offer a full range of specialty polymer solutions for manufacturing optical fiber cable, including for tight buffer, loose tube, fiber bundle, and sheathing applications. All of PolyOne’s ECCOH™ LSFOH solutions help prevent the spread of flames during fire and, even when burning, emit non-corrosive gases with low toxicity and reduced smoke density.