lightweight, versatile alternative to corrugated tubes

igus® has extended its range of energy supply systems with the introduction of ‘e-skin’ a lightweight, versatile alternative to conventional corrugated tubes. The easy-to-open hose is suitable for a variety of delicate applications, where demands on the energy supply systems are not particularly high, and can even be used in the clean-room for short unsupported lengths.

“Comprising an upper and lower shell, which when fitted together is completely closed, the e-skin is simple to open and close,” says Justin Leonard, director, igus®, “which is just one of the many advantages e-skin has to offer compared with corrugated tubes.”

Typical applications include pick & place, printers and other machines where corrugated tubes are currently still used. However, due to its abrasion resistance and water and dust-proof offering, e-skin is also cleanroom compatible in accordance with IPA Class 1, and ideal for cleanroom appliances.

e-skin has a defined movement direction and can also support itself. It can therefore be used as a horizontal energy supply for short unsupported lengths. In addition, the modular tube can be extended and offers more space than round corrugated tubes, due to its oval design. Interior separation modules enable cable-friendly cable guiding.

The simple and reusable opening mechanism allows for trouble-free maintenance and inspection of the cables. e-skin can also be tailored to an individual application and is available in a variety of materials and various colours.

For further information about e-skin please visit: or call igus® directly on 01604 677240.