Ducab Group – one of the UAE’s end-to-end energy solutions providers and largest manufacturers – has announced its participation in the upcoming Ru’ya Careers UAE job fair, where it is set to present a range of training opportunities in the industrial sector.

The objectives of the event resonate with the company’s ambitions to empower and upskill national talent, aligning them with the UAE’s vision and strategies to drive comprehensive sustainable development, cement the UAE’s position on the global economic map, and maintain the Emirates’ forward momentum towards leadership and excellence.

Ducab joins the career fair, which is taking place on 20-22 September at the Dubai World Trade Centre, to attract and train national talent, providing them with suitable employment opportunities that allow them to excel and innovate. The event offers an opportunity for the Group to meet its objectives to invest in promising young talent, enrol them in advanced expert-led training programmes, and enable them to make more effective contributions.

Mona Fekri, Chief Human Capital Officer at Ducab, noted that: “Ducab Group employs 74 Emirati engineers, and UAE nationals occupy 60% of the Group’s executive positions, and 27% of middle management positions, across its various departments, playing a significant role in Ducab’s success, while 37% of all positions at the company are now eligible for Emiratisation. Ducab is committed to supporting national talents by offering more job opportunities within the Group, launching training programmes, and offering grants to enlist promising and talented young Emiratis, prepare them to work in the industrial sector, and support them to develop their knowledge and skills.”

Ducab continues to expand the share of national talents among its staff, in line with the directives of the UAE’s wise leadership. With that in mind, the company launched three training and grant programmes as part of its National Development Programme, namely, ‘Bidayiti’, which offers Emirati fresh graduates an opportunity to train with Ducab across various departments each year; the Scholarship Programme, which offers students scholarships and training in the core areas of Ducab’s operations, and finally, the Graduate Trainee Programme, designed to improve graduates’ skills in engineering and expand their knowledge.

Source: https://www.ducab.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Ducab

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