• Successful project win with the Korean Hydro-Nuclear Power Co. shows Ducab’s competitive offering in the international market
  • KHNP delivers more than 32% of South Korea’s domestic electric power supply

Abu Dhabi, UAE, May 18, 2016: Ducab, the UAE-based leading manufacturer of high-quality cables and cabling products; which is 50 per cent owned by Senaat and 50 percent owned by Investment Corporation Dubai (ICD), has announced that its nuclear power-qualified cable range, NuBICC was selected by the Korean Hydro-Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP) for the Shin Hanul 1 & 2 Nuclear power plant under construction currently. This project win follows significant testing and qualifications. It represents the first international nuclear project for Ducab, building on their successful nuclear cable supply engagement with the UAE’s Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC).

The delivery of these cables builds on a strong history of innovation by Ducab, which has been consistently matched by a conscious undertaking to adopt and adhere to all relevant and stringent international industry standards and certifications. Nuclear power cables are extremely demanding products within the electrical cabling industry, and Ducab’s Nuclear cables supplied to Barakah Power Plant in UAE have been tested and qualified for 60 year’s operating life.

Mr. Seok Cho, Chief Executive Officer of KHNP, said: “We would like to congratulate Ducab for this important milestone for the industrial sector of the UAE. Providing nuclear-grade materials is the highest form of quality mark and this is a major achievement. For a manufacturer to reach the level where their nuclear cables have been tested and qualified in a highly reputed laboratory in North America, shows strong visionary leadership and a pursuit for excellence. Considering the sensitive and critical needs of a nuclear power facility, we conducted a proper audit and are happy to announce that Ducab got nominated for the tender bid among global competition.”

Dr. Ahmad Bin Hassan Al Shaikh, Chairman, Ducab, said: “Our Nuclear cable team at Ducab worked hard to win this contract against well-established, international competition .This project win by Ducab is a matter of pride for the company, as well as for the entire manufacturing and industrial sector in the UAE. Our national leadership has consistently encouraged us to constantly innovate and show the best of the UAE to the outside world, and being a part of a nationally-critical project in Korea with KHNP shows that Ducab has now emerged in the region to stand alongside the best-known and leading cable manufacturers in the world.”

KHNP has a strong history with the UAE in terms of collaboration on advanced nuclear power plant technology, and they have built a strong relationship with UAE’s ENEC around knowledge transfer, training, operations and more. The UAE’s nuclear power utility ENEC have found a strong partner in KHNP, and the fact that they selected a UAE cable manufacturer for their own cable requirements in Korea demonstrates the trust reposed in the advances and professionalism of the nuclear power and ancillary sectors in the UAE.

Ducab is the first cable manufacturer in the Middle East region to introduce and qualify 60-year, sustainable halogen-free cables meeting the most onerous cable testing standards like IEEE prevalent in North America, that have been customized and adapted in the UAE’s first four Nuclear power plants. This qualification assures the client ENEC a reliable performance of the cables over the life time of the 60 year operation nuclear plant. The cables installed all over the balance of plant, will not emit smoke or toxic fumes, in the event of a fire and will not allow it to propagate.