HRADIL special cable introduces HighPerformance 43 x 1.5 mm2 – a 3-layer VDE certified power and control cable designed for 1.2 million alternating bending cycles, a temperature range of -50°C to +90°C, including UL and cUL approvals.

HRADIL, the specialist cable engineering firm from Bietigheim-Bissingen close to Stuttgart presents HighPerformance 43 x 1.5 mm², an extremely robust, drum reeling power supply cable that can be used in drag chains, its enhanced temperature range from -50°C its +90°C making it the perfect choice for demanding outdoor applications in extreme climatic conditions. The HRADIL cable is resistant to UV rays, ozone, oil and diesel as well as cooling fluids and lubricants, it carries either UL or cUL approvals and passed the VDE’s rigorous test for the requirements of DIN 60811. Designed for a tensile strength of up to 4,000 N, 1.2 million alternating bending cycles, very tight bending radii down to 200 mm and reeling speeds of up to 5 m per second make this cable by HRADIL the perfect choice for applications involving extremely high mechanical loads. HRADIL’s HighPerformance cable 43 x 1.5 mm² is suitable for use as a drum reeling cable for gantry and mobile harbour cranes with traversing distances of up to 200 meters.

Innovative cable design

Designed by Hradil’s engineers as a three-layered cable with 43×1.5 mm² cores, HighPerformance has an outer diameter of only 22.9 mm. Different banding and shielding in each of the three layers using PTFE foil, PES nonwoven and aramid helps not only to shield the cable but also provides tension relief.

Tried and tested safety

The HighPerformance cable 43 x 1.5 mm² by HRADIL is compliant with RoHS as well as a large number of general and specific standards. The cable has passed the test procedure according to DIN EN 60811 performed by the VDE with flying colours. The HighPerformance cable 43 x 1.5 mm² was tested with respect to mechanical properties, thermal aging, water up-take, flame resistance, temperature characteristics, ozone and oil resistance, stress tests on the full cable as well as on cores, insulation resistance of the cores, surface resistance of the jacket, UV resistance, VDE alternating bending strength, Shore hardness and drag chain requirements according to DIN EN 60811.