An international energy operator has awarded DOF a contract to repair an export cable for an offshore wind farm in the Southern North Sea.

The project includes retrieving the damaged cable and terminating, installing, trenching and commissioning of the replacement cable.

DOF’s contract scope includes project management, engineering, procurement and logistics of cable and all associated equipment as well as the complete offshore works.

Preparations have already commenced from DOF’s expert cable team across Aberdeen, Scotland and Bergen, Norway. Offshore execution is planned from March onwards. The vessel Skandi Hera is scheduled to be the installation vessel.

The value of the project is approximately USD 13 million.

DOF’s group CEO, Mons S. Aase, says, “This award demonstrates trust in DOF’s cable solutions within the renewable energy segment. We look forward to executing this highly important project to our highest standards.”

Image source: Stock image for illustration purposes only

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