DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, has signed a non-exclusive Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading global power cable manufacturer LS Cable & System to target emerging cabling opportunities in the offshore wind industry.

The collaboration represents a new opportunity for DNV to extend its Dynamic Power Cables Assurance service offering to the cabling industry and to leverage the group’s longstanding technological expertise in the oil & gas and power industries for the rapidly expanding offshore wind market.

The MOU comes in response to growing global demand for high-voltage, next-generation power cables with dynamic capabilities for near-shore and floating wind farms. DNV and LS Cable & System have agreed to leverage their collective resources, individual strengths and distinctive capabilities in the following areas:

  • Geotechnics: cable protection and burial assessments;
  • Installation: environmental screening and cable-laying optimisation and scheduling;
  • Materials technology: cable corrosion protection and mechanical testing;
  • Electrical design: independent review of electrical features and witnessing of electrical tests;
  • Structural design: Mechanical analysis and cross-sectional analysis of cables subjected to installation loads; and
  • Forensics: rapid-response investigation into power failures and root cause analysis of third-party cabling.

For LS Cable & System, this initiative with DNV represents one of the early collaborations between a cable-focused Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and an energy expert and assurance provider. As part of the MOU, DNV will cooperate with LS Cable & System in identifying and reducing risk early in the cable manufacturing process, improving overall decision-making and helping secure pre-approval for floating power cabling products for offshore wind farm developers.

Brice Le Gallo, Regional Director for Energy Systems Asia Pacific at DNV: “The partnership builds on DNV’s strengths with long offshore technology heritage and strong expertise in the power industry.”

“Offshore wind is dramatically changing the energy landscape, providing the need for high-voltage, subsea power transmission systems. As offshore wind investments are still in its relatively early stages, the timing of the launch of our Dynamic Power Cables Assurance service offering is ideal. It will ensure that in the coming years of intense renewables build-up, new offshore wind farms will be fitted with safe, reliable and cost-effective electrical connections. We look forward to helping the energy industry solve the complex challenges posed by the rapid shift to a decarbonised global energy system while also assisting our customers to identify emerging opportunities through the transition.”   

Seungki Park, Director for Energy Cable System Sales Division at LS Cable & System: “We are excited to work with DNV and cooperate in the design and engineering of our new subsea cable. This MOU reflects our shared capabilities and the work we are already doing in the offshore energy sector. By partnering with DNV, we can leverage on their cross-sector energy market capabilities and extensive digital expertise.”

DNV and LS Cable & System will develop specific framework agreements to jointly determine their commercial and working arrangements in relation to these various work areas.

Source: https://www.dnv.com/
Image source: Courtesy of DNV

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