DEUTSCH Jiffy Splices are available directly from TE Connectivity (TE). Part of TE Industrial & Commercial Transportation’s extensive portfolio of harsh environment electrical connectors, Jiffy Splices are a unique, field-serviceable alternative to permanent splices.

Jiffy Splices are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the construction, mining, marine, and agricultural industries. They are easy to install and can be used to quickly repair damaged electrical connections on equipment at the jobsite. Jiffy Splices protect connections from dirt, dust, and water immersion up to three feet. They are made from the same high-quality silicone elastomer as TE’s DEUTSCH industrial connector seals and grommets. Jiffy Splice bodies house a contact retention system that secures a mated pair of contacts in a compact environmentally sealed unit.

Jiffy Splices accept one DEUTSCH pin and socket and are available in two sizes. Part number JS-12-00 accepts size twelve DEUTSCH contacts (25 amps) and utilizes 10-14 AWG. For 14-20 AWG wire, part number JS-16-00 accepts size sixteen DEUTSCH contacts (13 amps). If servicing a Jiffy Splice is ever required, the contacts can be easily removed by using standard DEUTSCH removal tools. DEUTSCH removal tools are made of heavy-duty plastic and successfully remove the contacts without damage to the wire, insulation, or the Jiffy Splice’s body.

For harsh environment applications that require a rugged single terminal connection and for quick fixes in the field, TE’s DEUTSCH Jiffy Splices are a dependable solution. Because EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS, Jiffy Splices, like all of TE Industrial & Commercial Transportation’s comprehensive connector portfolio, deliver reliable connectivity solutions for applications where failure is not an option.