On July 8, the management of ADMIE visited Hellenic Cables’ plant in Corinth, in the context of manufacturing of the 135 km-long submarine cable for the electrical interconnection Crete-Peloponnese. The project, with a total budget of 365 million euros, is progressing within schedule and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. 

The first subsea interconnection of Crete to the mainland is also the longest cable HVAC interconnection worldwide and the laying of the submarine cables takes place at depths of 1.000 m, making the project the deepest high voltage interconnection using three-core cable with XLPE insulation in the world. Furthermore, for the implementation of the project, significant innovations have been embedded both in the design of the cable (lighter and stronger) as well as in its laying, through advanced techniques developed especially for this project. 

During his visit, the Chairman and CEO of ADMIE, Mr. Manos Manoussakis stated: “We are very satisfied with the progress of the construction of the first cable which will supply Crete with clean, affordable and reliable electricity from the mainland. The electrical Crete-Peloponnese interconnection incorporates a series of innovative features and despite the adversities of the pandemic we managed to keep it on track thanks to the preparedness of the TSO and our contractors”.

The General Manager of Hellenic Cables Mr. Alexios Alexiou noted: “We are proud to support the long-term planning of ADMIE for the upgrade of the electric system, doing our part to the secure supply of the biggest island in our country with clean and affordable energy. It is one of the most demanding projects we have ever undertaken, but everyone in Hellenic Cables is dedicated to its timely and safe completion”.

This project makes full use of the unique capabilities of Hellenic Cables’ submarine cables plant in Corinth, especially in terms of the production of very long continuous lengths, which minimize the use of joints. 

Source: https://www.cablel.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Hellenic Cables

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