High quality plastic material for applications with extreme safety requirements can be very costly. In many cases the performance of cheaper plastics can be improved significantly by electron beam irradiation.

In certain fields safety requirements for all materials within the cable are rigorous, for example within nuclear power, defence and certain industrial environments. The polymer material used in such contexts must be strong and tolerate stress and strain in the form of extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals, radiation and fire.

Unique radiation method

Habia Cable stands alone in northern Europe in offering cutting edge technology with electron-beam irradiation, or cross-linking as it is also called. This means that the plastic’s natural molecular chains are broken and when the plastic tries to recreate the molecular chains new stronger structures are formed. The cross-linked polymer can withstand high temperatures better whilst at the same time it becomes more resistant to chemicals and heavy mechanical strain. The material also has a longer life, which is beneficial from an environmental perspective. Another positive feature is that the materials can be made thinner and easier to work, which is advantageous for both the environment and the work situation.

“Tests have shown that in many cases the cross linking technique allows the cheaper material to perform at least as well as a more exclusive type. Filling with flame retardant material is also possible, which means there are no poisonous gases and a minimum of smoke in the case of fire,” states Hans Forsgren, irradiation specialist at Habia Cable.

Treatment method with great potential

Cross linking is the last step in the cable manufacturing process. Depending on the cable diameter, several hundred meters of cable can be processed per minute.

“We see great potential in electron beam irradiation. There are probably many more areas of application for the technology, which are both fast and cost effective. We can handle material up to a thickness of 4mm and 30 mm provided it can be rolled up on a cable drum,” states Hans Forsgren.


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