If your work involves installing, commissioning or maintaining medium-voltage cables that work at up to 36 kV, Megger’s new VLF Sinus 62 kV test set will provide all of the test and diagnostic functions you need in a single unit that’s compact, versatile and easy-to-use.

The VLF Sinus 62 kV is a multifunctional device: it performs withstand testing with DC or VLF sine and rectangular waveforms, sheath fault testing and, when used with an ESG NT step-voltage probe, sheath fault pinpointing. It can also be optionally equipped with an internal tanDelta module that extends its capabilities for evaluating cable integrity and condition. For all types of test, the VLF Sinus 62 kV automatically stores results in a large internal memory, thereby completely eliminating the risk of data loss.

“Testing and fault finding on MV cables has, in the past, required the use of equipment that’s bulky, difficult to transport and often complicated to use,” said Hein Putter, Product Manager at Megger, “but we’ve developed the VLF Sinus 62 kV to solve all of these problems.”

“It’s the smallest and lightest test set in its class, yet it’s exceptionally versatile and with it you can conveniently test 36 kV cables that are up to 25 km long. And it’s easy to use. You don’t need an external computer – you control it using an intuitive colour-screen interface – and the tanDelta module has automatic result interpretation in line with the latest IEEE 400.2 standard.”

Equally suitable for acceptance testing, for condition monitoring and for fault finding, the VLF Sinus 62 kV test set, like all Megger products, has been designed with safety in mind. It automatically discharges the cable on the completion of a test and, if a cable should break down during a test, the test set recognises this and instantly stops the test.

Should you want to perform even more sophisticated diagnostic tests on the cable than is possible using the VLF Sinus 62 kV on its own, you can also use it as a voltage source for the PDS 62-SIN partial discharge attachment which, once again, is the lightest device of its type currently available. This combination will provide you with a universal test and diagnostic system with which you can perform an extensive range of tanDelta and partial discharge diagnostic tests.

Source: https://uk.megger.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Megger

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