A contract is in force between SubCom and Farice for the supply and installation of IRIS, a new high-speed undersea cable system connecting Iceland and Ireland. Farice is an international connectivity provider fully owned by the Icelandic Government which currently owns and operates two submarine cable systems that connect Iceland to Europe – FARICE-1 and DANICE. The addition of a third cable system will improve the diversity of adequate connections to support the continued growth of Iceland’s modern community and international business environment.

Designed as a six-fibre pair trunk with a total system capacity of 108 Tbps with each fibre pair delivering 18Tbs, IRIS will be approximately 1,700 km in length and connect south-west of Iceland to Ballyloughane Strand in Galway, Ireland. Farice has already finalised the DTS and marine survey work on Ireland’s continental shelf and will complete the remaining survey works to Iceland in 2021. Manufacture of the cable and equipment will take place at SubCom’s manufacturing headquarters in Newington, NH, USA during 2021 and early 2022, with main lay installation operations scheduled for summer 2022. The system is expected to be ready for service by the end of 2022.

“We are pleased to announce the contract in force for the IRIS undersea cable system, which we believe is an essential step for both the safety and security of Iceland. The system will also provide a new low latency connection between Iceland and Dublin that will bring Iceland closer to one of the key network hubs in Europe. In essence, the system will be a digital bridge between Iceland and Ireland and could, as such, advance the use of green energy in Iceland for international digital processing needs,” said Thorvardur Sveinsson, CEO of Farice. “Through our new IRIS system and existing DANICE system, a new North Atlantic Network route connecting Ireland, Iceland and Denmark is open. Having worked in partnership with SubCom to deploy one of our existing cable systems, we are confident in their design, manufacturing and installation capabilities and look forward to completing this highly impactful project.”

Farice opted to land the IRIS cable in Ireland, a nexus of trans-Atlantic connections and a centre of European operations for many international businesses. IRIS will directly connect to a new high-speed undersea cable system that will enable more diverse, secure, high-speed connectivity between Iceland and mainland Europe.

“It is an honour to once again partner with Farice to supply a high-speed, high-capacity undersea cable system on behalf of the government and citizenry of Iceland,” said David Coughlan, CEO of SubCom. “Our experience in the region and commitment to delivering advanced systems on time and on budget will continue to benefit Farice as we move forward.”

Source: https://www.subcom.com/
Image source: Courtesy of SubCom

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