Comtran Cable is pleased to announce the expansion of our VITALink® 2 Hour Fire Resistive CIC Cables with the addition of a 16 AWG 2 conductor shielded cable. This cable features Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) construction and a Power Limited Tray Cable (PLTC) rating. After extensive testing at Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) in Northbrook IL, Comtran’s VITALink® 16 AWG 2 conductor shielded cable has achieved UL 2196 certification for installation and use in accordance with FHIT system 40A.

When UL pulled all 2196 listings in November 2012 due to concerns about the effect of zinc in conduit coatings on the cable’s reliability at fire rated temperatures, Comtran’s engineers worked diligently to meet UL’s new requirements. They designed a patented primary insulation that ceramifies at extreme temperatures thereby protecting the integrity of the circuit. VITALink® cables are designed to survive for 2 hours in a burning infrastructure, which allows critical communication and evacuation systems to operate until occupants are evacuated to designated areas away from the fire. They are used to support critical systems such as firefighter’s communications, evacuation public address systems signage, emergency telephones, and pressurization controls. Common applications include high rise commercial and residential buildings, health care facilities, industrial infrastructure, schools and universities, airports, stadiums, and underground rail and road transit infrastructure.

The 16/2 shielded cable complements Comtran’s previous approval for 14 AWG 2 conductor shielded cable. For more information about these cables, including hardware certifications or performance standards, please click here.