As wireless operators continue to densify, virtualize and optimize their networks to add capacity, CommScope continues to develop creative infrastructure solutions that address the operators’ most pressing challenges. The company will demonstrate its latest offerings at Mobile World Congress 2016.

“As wireless networks evolve toward Cloud RAN, one rule still applies—operators need to squeeze as much capacity out of their existing networks as possible,” said Ben Cardwell, senior vice president, Mobility Solutions, CommScope. “CommScope is developing solutions that build upon our long-standing expertise in radio frequency (RF) and cellular solutions and include our newly-enhanced strength in intelligent small cell solutions and fiber connectivity.”

CommScope will highlight four of its latest solutions for network densification, virtualization and optimization:

  • The OneCell® C-RAN Small Cell Solution has been shortlisted by GSMA as a finalist for the 2016 Global Mobile Awards in the Best Technology Enabler category. OneCell forms a single “super” cell indoors that eliminates handovers and border interference across large areas, creating a high performing LTE experience for end-users. OneCell enables sector virtualization with Smart Reuse technology that gives operators the ability to scale capacity within a given spectrum. The OneCell system won Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough, and Outstanding Overall Mobile Technology – the CTO’s Choice, at the Global Mobile Awards 2015.
  • The Powered Fiber Cable System speeds and simplifies the installation of, powering and communication with small cells, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras and other dc-powered devices. The hybrid fiber/copper cabling and remote powering unit correct for electrical line loss and reduce the need for local utility negotiations. Powered fiber enables C-RAN site deployments, carrying power and data from a centralized location for up to three kilometers.
  • CommScope believes PowerShift™ is the industry’s first plug-and-play, direct current (DC) power supply solution for efficiently managing power to remote radio units. PowerShift automatically delivers the most efficient voltage to remote radio units, utilizing technology CommScope developed with the power supply experts at General Electric®. A rack-mounted solution, PowerShift can also extend the uptime for RF batteries by up to 35 percent.
  • With the Optical PIM Tester, a single technician can connect directly to the base band unit at the bottom of a cell tower and perform an active, cross-band passive intermodulation (PIM) test over the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI). The Optical PIM Tester makes it much easier to find and remediate PIM even between frequency bands. PIM is a serious source of interference in LTE networks that can result in significantly reduced data throughput and degraded voice quality.

CommScope will also display some of its newly-acquired fiber connectivity and management solutions, which make it easier to incorporate future optical components into the network. The company’s fiber portfolio includes high density panels and frames and plug-and-play modules that offer added flexibility and functionality. CommScope will also exhibit its HELIAX® FiberFeed® hybrid cable and other fiber cabling solutions for cell sites.

CommScope will be located in Hall 2, Stand #2J30 at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

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