Cinch Connectivity Solutions (CCS) has been named the 2015 Business of the Year by the Waseca Chamber of Commerce. CCS was recognized as an active employer in the Waseca community for over 75 years.  CCS was part of the original E.F. Johnson business which began manufacturing radio components in 1923, becoming well-known 20 years later for its radios installed inside WWII military vehicles.

After a series of acquisitions, in 1996 Jordan Industries purchased the Johnson Components division of E.F. Johnson and then sold Johnson Components in January 2000 to Emerson Electric. Bel Fuse, Inc., Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ parent company acquired the business in 2014.

“Cinch Connectivity Solutions prides itself on retaining some of the brightest people who are committed to making a difference in the lives of our customers,” says Jesse R. Sherman, Plant Manager. “We are extremely proud to receive this recognition and to earn this great praise on behalf of our employees, which include individuals who were once part of the original E.F. Johnson business.”  “This award represents a commemoration to all of our Waseca employees, past and present, and especially our long-term employees who have remained with our business through the years,” says Pete Bittner, President, Bel Connectivity.

“Cinch Connectivity Solutions has long been a part of our community with its roots dating back over 75 years as part of the original E.F. Johnson business. Throughout their growth and evolution over the years, the business never wavered on their commitment to the Waseca community through the support of youth, education, arts and sciences, health, safety and emergency relief efforts globally.  These programs are critical to ensuring that they are supporting the local area, investing in future generations and being good citizens around the world,” says Kim Foels, Waseca Chamber of Commerce President along with Dan Hoehn, Waseca Chamber Board of Directors Chair.