Cable and wire manufacturers are facing unprecedented global challenges. Strong competition in particular is growing from countries with access to lower raw material and labour costs and greater Government subsidies.  Protecting market share against such aggressive pricing is at the forefront of every factory owner’s mind. Cimteq has shaped its software over some 20 years to help address the four key issues keeping cable manufacturers awake at night:

1. How can we react to growing costs?

A staggering 80% of cable cost can be attributed to raw material alone. Any cost reduction in this area can have an immediate positive impact on bottom line.  The creation of a ‘digital twin’ is fully supported by Cimteq’s CableBuilder software.  Put simply, design engineers can quickly and accurately cost various models before committing to the product line. The result? Time, cost and raw material saved.

2. How can we avoid product failure?

Understanding any quality issues as soon as they arise significantly reduces the likelihood of wasted material. Cimteq’s CableMES’s automated quality recordings allow immediate response to any non-conformance issues at the earliest stages of the production process.

3. How can we better react to machinery breakdown?

Machine failure is inevitable in a busy factory. However, every minute lost in production is a loss to profit. CableMES’s Supervisory system provides real-time visibility of the shopfloor, with the ability to manage production from a single screen. Real-time alarms ensure that machines are up and running quickly thereby limiting the impact to production schedules.

4. How can we avoid losing our best people?

In order to stay ahead of the competition and bring new products quickly to market, design engineers need to live and breathe innovation. Yet too often they find their time spent on tedious tasks. Cimteq’s software effortlessly automates day-to-day tasks freeing up design engineers to accelerate product development and reclaim their job satisfaction.

How can Cimteq’s software benefit your bottom line? Contact Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager at Cimteq, to arrange a personal online demonstration.

Image source: Cimteq

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