Wire harness or cable assembly? Whilst the terms are used interchangeably by many, there are some fundamental differences between the two. Since individual cables are already protected by their own exterior sheaths, a wire harness presents a simple and cost-effective exterior sheath to bundle the wires and protect them from their environment. Cable assembly on the other hand provides a more heavy-duty material which not only keeps cable organised in the same way as a wire harness but shields the bundle from specific environmental factors such as heat, friction, moisture and compression.

Which of these two approaches a manufacturer will opt for will depend very much on the operating environment. In either instance, this organised set of wires, terminals and connectors relay information and electric power and therefore play a critical role in connecting key components of end products such as within cars or washing machines.

Each electrical harness or cable assembly bundle must demonstrate two specific qualities:

  • Geometrically, they must fit into a specific space, in some cases also serving a much larger network of electrical wiring
  • Electrically, they must protect the cables from damage and adhere to the highest safety levels and standards for the industry in question.

Creating the perfect electrical harness or cable assembly begins with the robust design and manufacture of cable and wire – a process that is supported by Cimteq’s suite of software products. CableBuilder’s iterative approach to cable design allows engineers to model variations of the end product before committing to the cost of production. Similarly, the cost of production can be significantly reduced by spotting non-compliance issues early through Cimteq’s cable manufacturing system CableMES.

Investing in software designed with the complexities of cable and wire in mind – not just as products in their own right, but also how they perform in situ as an electrical harness or cable assembly – allows cable manufacturers to develop an end product that is truly bespoke to client requirement.

To find out more about how Cimteq’s design and manufacturing software supports cutting-edge cable and wire, please email Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager, Cimteq at katy.harrison@cimteq.com 

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