Cable software company Cimteq’s webinar ‘Learn to design, quote and manufacture a new cable in less than 30 minutes’ took place on Friday 10 July 2020. The webinar, presented by Frederik Becker, Regional Sales Manager (EMEA) at Cimteq and Albert Groothedde, CEO of InnoVites, focussed on how cable design and build processes can be accelerated.

The webinar took place over two timeslots – at 10:00 (GMT) and 16:00 (GMT) – and was attended by over 70 people.  Each 60-minute session also ended with a Q&A session. As part of the webinar, the sessions highlighted a demonstration of the fully-integrated, end-to end CableSuite solution. Though it was intended that the timeframe for this demo would take 30 minutes, impressively it only took 22 minutes to carry out the process.

The procedure focussed on such aspects as understanding customer requirements, creating a bespoke product design, confirming the order to the customer (with full pricing details), creating an accurate delivery plan (based on available resources and materials) and sending detailed instructions to the factory for execution.

The end-to-end CableSuite solution combines the power of three software products – Cimteq’s CableBuilder and CableMES, and InnoVites’ CableERP – each of which adds strength to the process. Cimteq and InnoVites have successfully deployed the CableSuite solution to cable companies around the world, through their complementary strategic partnership.

Katy Harrison, marketing manager at Cimteq, commented: “With the current climate of remote working and offices not being fully-staffed, a webinar was a great way to demonstrate the effectiveness of CableSuite to a wide audience. After the impressive demonstration, there was lots of interest and interesting questions from the attendees. We’re confident the webinar showcased CableSuite very positively and it will encourage people to contact either company to discuss their specific requirements. The webinar has been recorded and is now available online to anyone who was unable to attend, or who are interested in seeing the streamlined process first-hand”.

For further information on CableSuite, please contact Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager

Image source: Courtesy of Cimteq

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