The implications of choosing the wrong software partner are costly. Not only is time and expense wasted in abandoning an implementation that isn’t working, it causes reputational damage in the eyes of both customers and staff.

Five questions to help avoid selecting the wrong partner from the outset:

Is the company committed to product development?

Your chosen supplier should have a clear roadmap that is responsive to client feedback and industry change. That’s not to say that it’s a company that issues product iterations on a regular basis. Far from it; the most robust software needs very little intervention if built on strong foundations. Its approach to the development of new software should be equally as measured; new products should address a different stage of the same clearly-defined customer journey as the core product.

Is the company considered expert in its chosen field?

It is not always the case that software that has performed well in other industries will be fit for purpose for the cable industry. Choosing software that has been developed with and for the cable industry in mind gives the reassurance that your partner understands and can respond to the complexities of the industry.

Experience is further demonstrated by the articles and whitepapers written be your partner company, as well as the events where the company presents.

Is it a good culture fit?

By nature, smaller suppliers are agile enough to offer the required level of support but compact enough to offer a personalised service. Your supplier should be open-minded and flexible in its approach to problem solving. Only a partner who listens can ever truly be responsive to your specific needs.

Does the company take ownership of issues?

Any partner relationship is of course not without its challenges from time to time; the litmus test is how your partner responds to such issues. Measuring this before you have experience as its customer can prove difficult but a partner with confidence in its service levels should invite you to speak to long-term customers for their experiences.

Evidence of stringent quality assurance procedures and staff who have been in key roles for some years should add to your confidence that this is a supplier who can be trusted for the long term.

Do you consider them to be a partner or a supplier?

Where both you and your supplier are actively building for the long term, continually investing in the relationship and sharing a common goal, it’s likely that the relationship has moved beyond supplier-customer and into true partnership. Operating at this level requires both trust and transparency in all areas including working procedures and practices but also financials.

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