Cable and wire manufacturers face a perennial issue – how can they honour their green commitment to reduce energy use whilst increasing productivity?

Companies that have invested in Cimteq’s CableBuilder and CableMES software have discovered that reducing greenhouse gas emissions and growing productivity need not be mutually exclusive. So how exactly is Cimteq helping these forward-thinking companies? Put simply Cimteq’s bespoke cable manufacturing and design software shines a light on the most inefficient practices in a factory at two key stages of the manufacturing process:

Design – CableBuilder’s ability to create sophisticated 3D digital twinning of wire and cable allows for much leaner use of materials. It presents the opportunity to test different models to identify which is most fit-for-purpose and, critically, all before committing to the costs of production. It also supports extended product lifetimes – of great appeal to cable and wire customers and custodians of the environment alike.

Production – Scrap and rework are perhaps the most costly inefficiency within the factory environment. Creating the most robust and sophisticated cable design through CableBuilder is only part of the equation. Companies extending their investment to manufacturing execution system CableMES have a clear view of when quality or non-conformance issues hit the production schedule. CableMES’ automated quality recordings and real-time alarms allow immediate response to any such issues.

At a more strategic level, phasing out inefficient machines and factories can only be achieved through regular monitoring and benchmarking. CableMES allows operators to build a picture of best and worst performing machinery across their factories, helping them to make informed choices about where to scale up production.

An integrated approach to resource management presents by far the best opportunity to minimise waste. CableBuilder, CableMES and their integration with any ERP system presents the most robust application of its kind to cable manufacturers across the globe.

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