Wire and cable industry experts Cimteq and Toho International Inc have entered into a new strategic partnership to launch CableBuilder – Cimteq’s cable design solution – into the Japanese wire and cable manufacturing market. Following the forging of the partnership, the companies are delighted to announce their first project together.

UK-based Cimteq is an industry leader in cable design and manufacturing software. CableBuilder is Cimteq’s flagship product for cable design, which is already implemented in hundreds of wire and cable plants around the world. With over 160 wire and cable manufacturing companies in Japan, generating a combined revenue of over 16 billion USD, the company recognized this as an important market for the business.

Working with Toho International, Cimteq is now exploring Japanese opportunities further. Toho International is a trading company that specializes in importing high performing solutions and machines from top suppliers around the world into Japan, to deliver the most advanced technologies to its wire and cable manufacturers.

Koji Yamashita, Deputy Division Director, at Toho International explains: “We recognized the value that CableBuilder provides early on. Through its accurate design and costing, integration with ERP, quick quotations, automated datasheets, and 2D and 3D drawings, it can have a massive impact on businesses in Japan. We are delighted to add this technology to our portfolio.”

Mike Braddock, CEO at Cimteq, added: “We identified Toho International as a complementary partner for us, which would enable us to deliver substantial benefits to customers in Japan. We are utilising Toho’s strengths and close links in the market, combined with our software expertise in cable design. It is already shaping up as a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Cimteq and Toho are pleased to announce the selection of CableBuilder by a major wire and cable manufacturer in Japan. The decision to select CableBuilder was driven by a need to streamline the new product design process, reduce the time required to produce quotes and increase costing accuracy for new products, which ultimately affects the company’s ability to win future contracts.

CableBuilder meets these requirements as standard. The implementation of CableBuilder will mean that many of the processes currently being carried out manually will be automated. This will include automating calculations, generation of datasheets, and 2D and 3D drawings. CableBuilder’s production simulation module will also be used to allow accurate cost calculation for different run lengths. For further information on Cimteq and Toho International’s partnership, or to find out more about CableBuilder, contact Katy Harrison, marketing manager at Cimteq at katy.harrison@cimteq.com

Source: https://cimteq.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Cimteq

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