Looking to simplify the complex management of your cable design and manufacture?

A staggering 80% of cable costs can be attributed to raw material alone. Cimteq arrives at this estimate with some 20 years’ extensive knowledge of cable design and software manufacturing. Reducing the cost of cable production is therefore key in maintaining profitability. And the starting point is cable design.

Cimteq’s CableBuilder software manages the complete cycle of cable design and manufacture through typical workflow milestones of Design, Customer Quotation, Ordering, Production, Quality Assurance and ERP system. By consolidating different processes and systems into a single application, CableBuilder delivers three key benefits to cable manufacturers:

  1. Accurate costings – Housing key product and pricing in spreadsheets alone is difficult to maintain. Too much information and too many versions easily lead to mistakes that impact the bottom line.

    Consolidating all relevant systems and processes within CableBuilder’s one application:
    1. improves accuracy of data and full version control;
    1. saves time;
    1. automatically updates according to industry standards with no customer input required;
    1. provides the reassurance of full traceability for compliance and quality management; and
    1. captures the intellectual knowhow of key staff so that product knowledge can be accessed regardless of annual or unexpected leave.
  • Reduces waste – CableBuilder supports the production of a ‘digital twin’ through complex algorithms which have been built by its inhouse team. This allows design engineers to quickly and accurately cost different models before committing to the expense of manufacturing – significantly reducing waste as a result.
  • Automates labour-intensive tasks – Design engineers and commercial staff alike value CableBuilder for its support on time-consuming tasks. All calculations and costings are entirely configurable, which allows for both rapid design and rapid customer response. Reporting too is fully customisable with outputs in Word, Excel and pdf and in any chosen language.

Learn how your company can improve its bottom line by watching Cimteq’s three-minute video or booking an online demo at: https://cimteq.com/bookdemo/https://cimteq.com/bookdemo/

Author: Cable Technology News Team

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