Our carbon emissions are overheating the planet and causing immeasurable damage to ice caps, sea levels and, in turn, every organism on the planet.  Governments across the world are looking at ways in which to support a carbon-neutral economy. No more so than in the car industry where a consumer backlash over the emissions scandal and a growing awareness of the direct impact of dirty air on our health is driving industry change. The World Health Organisation estimates that no fewer than 4.2 million premature deaths globally are linked to ambient air pollution.

It is no surprise therefore that electric cars are gaining momentum in the race to save the planet and our health. Environmental credentials aside, it is starting to make more economic sense to buy an electric vehicle. As a general rule, it is estimated that an electric car in the UK costs as little as 2p/mile to run. Government tax incentives to car owners in the UK and many other countries have helped to lower the upfront purchase cost for the consumer. Employers too may benefit tax wise from installing workplace charging units.

In 2017, global sales of new electric vehicles (EVs) passed 1 million units for the first time (figures according to McKinsey’s Electric Vehicle Index). This growth trajectory would quadruple EVs by 2020, with the greatest growth in China where its EV market is larger than Europe and the US combined.

With this meteoric growth in demand for electric cars, so too comes an increased demand for rapid charging points. Added to that, EV providers and their partners want to bring down the cost of charging vehicles. As cable of course plays a significant role in optimising the performance of these charging points, cable manufacturers are in a winning position to capitalise on this industry’s growth. Deriving cost savings through cable design software has never been more timely.

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