Cimteq, the leading software supplier to the wire and cable manufacturing industry, invites manufacturers to sign up to attend their Webinar on Wednesday 2nd February 2022.

The Webinar will focus on CableBuilder within the wire and cable manufacturing industry, seeing Cimteq experts demonstrate the significant benefits of implementing CableBuilder into their operations.

Chris Huntly, CableBuilder Product Manager, and Hamada Khalifa, Commercial Technical Lead at Cimteq will deliver the Webinar on Wednesday 2nd February 2022 at 8 am UTC and then again at 4 pm UTC.

Chris Huntly said: “Our Webinar entitled, How To Continuously Improve Cable Designs & Business Processes with CableBuilder, will provide attendees with the ideal opportunity to learn about how CableBuilder software can improve manufacturers cable designs by speeding up the process and providing accurate quotes that meet changing customer and industry demands”.

After attending the webinar, attendees will learn how CableBuilder can help:

  • Improve win rates by up to 90%
  • Increase profit rates by up to 100%
  • Reduce scrap by up to 30%
  • Save money by reducing errors
  • Reduce time taken to generate quotations by up to 4 days

A live demo and Q&A session will also be part of the webinar.  

To sign up for the Webinar click here:

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