Cimteq, the leading software supplier to the wire and cable manufacturing industry, invite colleagues from across the industry to sign up to attend their webinar entitled: CableMES – Effective Scrap Reduction & Material Management with MES on Thursday, May 12th 2022.

Volatile markets and commodity prices mean it’s now more important than ever that manufacturers focus their attention on achieving maximum efficiency across all operational processes.

Hamada Khalifa, Commercial Technical Lead at Cimteq, and Amanda Shehab, Cimteq’s Founder and Director will deliver the webinar alongside guest presenter and industry expert Bill Pearson.  

When speaking about the benefits of attending the webinar, Hamada said:

“One of the most costly occurrences in the factory environment is waste or scrap. Specifically, not identifying an issue with non-conformance until it is too late. With 70%- 80% of cable costs relating to raw material alone, any optimisation in this area presents an immediate opportunity to improve the bottom line.

This webinar is a must for anyone working in wire and cable manufacturing and looking to reduce scrap and execute effective material management processes.”

Bill Pearson said: “Waste may be hidden in over-specified designs, inefficient purchasing or embedded in wire and cable products sent to customers as over-size or over-length. Visible waste, the material that ends up in the skip, is obvious, but cost can be hidden even there. This webinar will help manufacturers find ways to control and minimise material waste.”

Attendees will have the option to join one of two live sessions on Thursday, May 12th, at either 8 am BST or 4 pm BST. In addition, each session will include a live Q&A opportunity.

Every Webinar attendee will also receive exclusive, early access to Cimteq’s new White Paper on Minimising Material Waste in Wire and Cable Manufacturing.

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