Cimteq, the leading software supplier to the wire and cable manufacturing industry, invite colleagues from across the industry to sign up to attend their webinar entitled: All-In-One System to Design, Quote & Manufacture Cables on Monday, August 22nd 2022.

The webinar will highlight how CableBuilder Enterprise helps to maximise productivity and profitability, reduce human error and effectively manage materials, ultimately resulting in increased business win rates. 

The webinar will cover:

• DESIGN: Designing cables, plus BOM, routing and reporting;

• QUOTATIONS: Generating accurate costings and quotations, including using up-to-date metal prices, such as those from London Metal Exchange (LME);

• MANUFACTURING: Handling all manufacturing information, e.g., length, speed, quantity.

The webinar will be delivered by Hamada Khalifa, Commercial Technical Lead at Cimteq, and Chris Huntly, CableBuilder Product Manager.  

When speaking about the benefits of attending the webinar, Chris said:

“Customer and Industry demands are ever-changing, and manufacturers who can quickly and accurately respond to requests will position themselves ahead of competitors, thanks to a highly effective system that allows the design, quotation and manufacture of complex orders with greater efficiency.

This webinar is a must for anyone working in wire and cable manufacturing and looking to embrace Industry 4.0 processes.”

Chris and Hamada have worked first-hand with CableBuilder Enterprise in live manufacturing settings before joining Cimteq, where they have helped develop a system that genuinely addresses the ever-changing needs of wire and cable manufacturers and their customers.

Attendees can join one of two live sessions on Monday, 22nd August, at either 8 am BST or 4 pm BST. In addition, each session will include a live Q&A opportunity.

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Image source: Courtesy of Cimteq

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