Industry 4.0 is the collection of technologies that employ computer controls, modelling, big data and other automation to improve manufacturing efficiencies. Increasingly, it is being adopted by cable and wire manufacturers who recognise its immeasurable value in improving bottom line. Leading worldwide provider of software solutions specific to the cable manufacturing industry, Cimteq has been an advocate of Industry 4.0 for several years. It believes that a focus on three key areas of Industry 4.0 – the Internet of Things, Digital Twinning and Big Data – brings the dream of ‘The Smart Factory’ one step closer.

Introducing such smart assets to a factory is the first step on a transformational journey in creating competitive edge. Helping to deliver this vision is Cimteq’s automation software with its proven track record in producing accurate costings, reducing waste and automating labour-intensive tasks.

1.       The Internet of Things

In the Internet of Things, the sensor connects to the cloud computer which in turn connects to the machine part. Separating the system in this way allows more individual configuration of each element to meet wide-ranging business outcomes such as triggering burglar alarms or saving electricity.

2.       Digital twinning

Simulating a product or process through a ‘digital twin’ allows design engineers to perfect a product without creating multiple physical prototypes. This has an immediate benefit of calculating product price and in turn profitability before involving the production line.  Where manufacturers have more than one factory, it allows them to benchmark one against the other to identify the most cost-effective production location. Cimteq’s CableBuilder fully supports digital twinning through complex algorithms which have been built by its inhouse team.

3.       Big data

Sales figures, product design, production and quality information all constitute big data and typically reside in a company’s ERP, CRM or MES. The Cimteq suite of cable manufacturing software is fully compatible with these systems as well as single virtual databases such as Wonderware.  Collating big data in such a real-time manner with instant ‘alarms’ accelerates issue resolution on an unprecedented scale.

See for yourself how Cimteq’s software is driving Industry 4.0 by arranging a personal demonstration with Katy Harrison, Marketing Manager at Cimteq,