CableMES is an innovative custom-built manufacturing execution system (MES) which leverages the global scaleability of the Wonderware platform together with Cimteq’s extensive advanced manufacturing knowledge. The result? An MES designed specifically to meet the needs of the cable manufacturing industry – and with an immediate impact on bottom line.

A bold claim perhaps that investing in CableMES secures such a quick return on investment. But it is a claim evidenced by the immediate impact of the software on maximising plant production, improving product quality, reducing inventory and ensuring on-time delivery.

Maximising plant production

Effective management of resources starts with accurate production orders, taking account of customer order dates, length, availability of stock and manufacturing production capabilities. As CableMES integrates seamlessly with CableBuilder’s manufacturing module, production orders can be generated automatically on demand. The resulting production order includes all necessary production information needed to execute the order.

Paperwork and manual entry are instantly reduced by CableMES’ ability to download machine settings and quality plans direct to the machines. The immediate benefit to warehouse management is as much about data integrity and accuracy as it is saving time.

Operators can quickly and accurately set up machines, assign materials and track progress through barcodes and virtual warehousing. Barcode tracking of stock movement and availability provides greater visibility to the factory manager, not only to accurately manage stock by location or item but also for full traceability of raw materials to the shipped product. CableMES’ integration with the world’s leading finite capacity planning tools including Ortems and Preactor ensure that delivery problems are identified before they occur and expedited to hit target dates.

CableMES’s supervisory system provides real-time visibility of the shopfloor, production order sequencing and batching and drum and raw material management which allows work in progress and production capacity to be robustly tracked.   Users can create tailored dashboards of their area of responsibility which allows them to manage production issues from a single screen. Automated quality recording and real-time alarms allow immediate response to address any non-conformance issues and analyse quality losses, which in turn supports long-term Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Improving reporting and data collection

CableMES utilises Wonderware’s powerful Historian tool which allows process data to be correlated with process and quality alarms to an exact length of cable produced. This helps to identify trends and provide long-term improvement benchmarks. Bespoke reports allow management to take a strategic view of the business and to drill down to the cause of any event.

ERP and CableBuilder integration

As well as integrating with any ERP system of choice (including SAP, CableERP and BPCS), CableMES fully integrates with CableBuilder to provide the most robust application of its kind for cable manufacturers across the globe.

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